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Acting alongside seasoned and veteran actors of the highly acclaimed “The Broken Marriage Vow”, the audience’s expectations for newcomer Brent Manalo is high. But with Brent’s dedication in mastering his craft as an actor, he will surely meet those expectations. The model-turned-actor had his share of endorsement stints prior to being on-cam. Brent has natural acting talent and has proven that he can effortlessly be in the shoes of the characters he portrays, Another project Brent took part in is the 2020 iWant series “The Ampalaya Chronicles”, a coming-of-age anthology based on Mark Gohsn’s “Ampalaya Monolgues”. From someone who is naturally reserved, Brent can pull off a flamboyant character in no time, thanks to his extensive preparation for every project he partakes in

TV Shows
Cant’ Buy Me Love (soon)
The Broken Marriage Vow
ASAP Natin To – Jan 23, 2022 TBMV Guesting
The Broken Marriage Vow as Migs
ASAP Natin ‘to - July 3, 2022 - Beach Bros
Beach Bros
The Broken Marriage Vow
IWant - Ampalaya Chronicles - Adil Ako Adik Sa 'Yo
Sunlife - Here For You

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