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Desiree del Valle


With her fierce looks and fiery acting prowess, it is no wonder why Desiree has been keeping a record of lauded projects alongside veteran actors. Her first acting gig was in 1996 in “Gimik”. The succeeding years were productive for the actress, one project after another such as the iconic “Tabing Ilog” (1999-2003); “May Bukas Pa” (2009-2010); “We Will Survive” (2016); “La Luna Sangre” (2017-2018); episodes in the drama anthology “Maalala Mo Kaya”; and long-running series “Ang Probinsyano”. As for her films, Desiree was involved in the horror flick “Ouija” (2007), “The Achy Breaky Hearts” (2016), and “Sin Island” (2018). “Ang Iyo ay Akin” (2020) was a big flex on the Desiree’s skills as a convincing kontrabida. Audiences took to their hearts Desiree’s performance and that only meant how seasoned of an artist she is.

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