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Jeremiah Lisbo was among the fresh faces launched as part of Star Magic Circle 2019. At that time, he was still finishing his internship as a Hotel & Restaurant Management student. Now, Jeremiah has slowly made a name for himself as a promising young actor who has been part of several notable projects such as “Make It With You” (2020), “Four Sisters Before the Wedding” (2020), “Love or Money” (2021), “Love Is Color Blind” (2021), “He's Into Her” (2021) and “He’s Into Her Season 2” (2022). But one of his major projects happened last year, when he bagged his first title film “Love at First Stream” together with his co-Rise Artists Studio members, Kaori Oinuma, Anthony Jennings, and Daniela Stranner.

Four Sisters Before the Wedding
Love or Money
Love is Color Blind
Love at First Stream
TV Shows
Make It with You
Maalaala Mo Kaya
He's Into Her Season 2
He's Into Her

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