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Multi-talented and multilingual, Kei Kurosawa is an icon in the making. Born to a family that share the same set of talents with her, Kei has grown fond of entertaining. Prior to her acting career, Kei already established her foundation on-cam as a model-endorser. It was only in the year 2021 when Kei caught the attention of Star Magic brought by her giftedness in dancing, singing, acting, and even her fluency in English, Tagalog, Korean, and Japanese! On top of the amazing roster of fortes, Kei has a knack for content creating, making fans flock to her social media pages for quality entertainment. In 2021, Kei wrapped up a horror indie film shoot set in Japan called “The Red Dress”. She played the role of Faye in ABS-CBN first youtube series, Zoomers.

The Hunt (Shot in Japan 2023 - for release)
The Red Dress (Shot in Japan 2021 – for release)
TV Shows
Senior High 2023 - guest as rich girl (Simone)
UnBreak My Heart 2023- guest as mean girl
ASAP natin to 2021, 2022
ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2021, 2022
Star Magical Christmas Show 2021
Lyric and Beat (2022)
Zoomers as support lead (Faye)

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