Renshi de Guzman


Actor and model Renshi is proof that being a risk-taker can take you places, even as a newcomer in the entertainment industry. When working with seasoned actors on set, Renshi is not afraid to further learn the art of his profession. He shares this experience with other fellow newcomers in the talent group, “Squad Plus”. In 2020, Renshi tapped on his full potential in juggling a TV role in “La Vida Lena” and a film role in the notable BL (boy love) movie “The Boy Foretold by the Stars”. When asked if he had hesitations on taking the role for the LGBTQIA+ project, Renshi admitted that despite the reservations, he chose to seize the opportunity to prepare himself for bigger roles. Renshi proved and continues to prove that he is a good balance of mainstream and independent prowess.

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