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One of the more recent finds of Rise in the Star Magic stable, Zach Castaneda was discovered via commercials. He also appeared in the music video of “Diwata”, the newest single of singer Sam Conception. He also appeared on DonBelle’s series “He’s Into Her” and played the role as Kurt. He has always been a fitness and health enthusiast, taking it a notch higher by taking on classes on professional fitness and coaching. He is all for sports as he often does boxing, MMA, football, and basketball

Happy Crush - as Ayon (Coming Soon)
Ex Factor - as Kingston
TV Shows
Love in 40 Days - as Guest Artist (2022)
The Goodbye Girl (2021)
He's Into Her Season 2 as Kurt
Unbreak My Heart (2023) as Greg Samonte
Teen Clash as Zack (2023)
Fit Check: Ukay Queen - as Guest Artist (2023) will air on Amazon
Tara G as Will (2022)

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